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3-Generation Family ESL

2023-2024 Registration

In-Person Programs

Both the Hilliard and Dublin locations are currently full. To be added to a waiting list, please call us at 614-586-7939.

Online (Zoom)

Adult English Classes (no children’s program): Coming Fall 2024

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“ESL has helped me a lot in learning and developing my language and integrating into society.  The language is a means of understanding and communicating among people, so if we don’t know the language, we will be isolated. This program breaks this barrier completely.  The ESL program helped me to get a job. At the same time, this program has helped me a lot by giving me an opportunity to learn without concern for my children because they are in the hands of the staff who take care of them.  It is very noble work.”

– Level 5 ESL student

“I have learned that no matter what country a refugee is from, they have common denominators. I have seen people who speak different languages, and can’t understand each other, communicate and help each other. It’s beautiful. A Spanish woman trying to help an Arabic man learn English. If only the “world” had such compassion.”

“I particularly enjoy working with both our Hispanic and our Muslim adults and seeing how they interact and learn about each other’s cultures. The passion our ESL learners have for learning and improving their English and their appreciation for the opportunities afforded them in the United States is heartwarming. After a long day’s work, I am energized by their efforts when I come to our evening program.”

“I learned something new each day while volunteering for Festa, but the biggest lesson that kept transcending through the week is ‘in the simple’.  It is the simple things (trying something new, making a friend, being polite, being honest, etc.) that are important to our children and their future.  Maybe “in the simple” we will bring about peace in the home, in the neighborhood, imagine… in the world.”



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What is Festa 3-Generation Family ESL?

Our 3-Generation Family ESL Program serves entire families who originate from 54 countries.  This one-of-a-kind program welcomes families from 39 Ohio zip codes.  We also offer virtual afternoon English classes for adult students who struggle with transportation or live in other states or countries, allowing them to join the welcoming community our program creates.

In addition to the English classes and children’s programming, participants in our 3-Generation Family ESL Program have the opportunity to attend three annual Potluck Events, as well as the children-run entrepreneurial restaurant, Sweet Treats!

If you would like to learn more and get involved, check out our many volunteer opportunities, or consider joining our team as a paid seasonal staff member! Get involved by attending Sweet Treats, the child-run dessert café which takes place once a month January – April.

Read our 2023-2024 3-Generation ESL Report to celebrate the accomplishments of our students and families.

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Want to start a 3-Generation Family ESL program or add to your current program?

If you, your non-profit or church want to VISIT this program to learn more because you are interested in starting your own Family ESL program or adding children’s programming to your Adult ESL program, we want to help you!


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