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Your business can hire Festa to teach English and Spanish to managers on-site before working hours, making it free and convenient for them. Festa Business ESL allows your company to invest in your associates, offering them the opportunity to become bilingual. This will close the communication gap among coworkers, strengthen the team and help to attract new employees and retain quality talent at your company.

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festa business ESL

The problem:

employees cannot have a full conversation with one another due to the language barrier.  This has a negative impact on both camaraderie and safety.

More companies are hiring people whose first language is not English who are great employees who come to work and work hard.

Most businesses value the diversity that the international workforce brings to their business.

Every business focuses on attracting and retaining employees.

Why Choose Festa?
17 Years of Expertise

Since 2007, Festa (formerly SON Ministries) has been Serving Our Neighbors, ending poverty through life-changing relationships with neighbors. As a social enterprise, we are passionate about lifting children and families out of poverty and seeing them move from surviving to thriving.  Many whom we serve live in the suburbs, and many are New Americans. We also connect families to resources regarding basis needs and bill payments during emergencies. 


Our flagship program is the 3-Generation Family ESL (English as a Second Language) program that provides family members – infant to grandparent age – with the education they need to take steps out of poverty.  This holistic family program allows adults to learn English while school-age children receive assistance in the homework help center, and younger children participate in activates that help prepare them for school.  Learning English as a family allows participants to thrive in our communities.

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“Here at Kimball Midwest, a large portion of our associates are Spanish-speaking.  We wanted our managers and associates to be able to communicate better and that is where Festa came in.  The impact it’s made in our workplace is amazing.  The associates try to communicate with their managers in English and the managers in Spanish.  It has brought an even greater sense of community and inclusion to Kimball Midwest, where one of our core values is treating everyone like family!  Thank you so much, Festa!”

—Dave McCurdy

Chief Operating Officer, Kimball Midwest


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