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Coming Fall 2024


Coming Fall 2024

“I have learned that no matter what country a refugee is from, they have common denominators. I have seen people who speak different languages, and can’t understand each other, communicate and help each other. It’s beautiful. A Spanish woman trying to help an Arabic man learn English. If only the “world” had such compassion.”

“I particularly enjoy working with both our Hispanic and our Muslim adults and seeing how they interact and learn about each other’s cultures. The passion our ESL learners have for learning and improving their English and their appreciation for the opportunities afforded them in the United States is heartwarming. After a long day’s work, I am energized by their efforts when I come to our evening program.”

“I learned something new each day while volunteering for Festa, but the biggest lesson that kept transcending through the week is ‘in the simple’.  It is the simple things (trying something new, making a friend, being polite, being honest, etc.) that are important to our children and their future.  Maybe “in the simple” we will bring about peace in the home, in the neighborhood, imagine… in the world.”


Are you a family that would like to visit the store?

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Good Tidings Christmas Store

Every year Festa and Cornerstone Christian Fellowship partner with the community to provide an affordable shopping experience for families with a limited income. This is a dignity store and offers families in our community a respect-filled “hand up” vs. a “hand out.”

All sales generated go to purchase additional toys, enabling more families to shop. Our vision is to empower parents and guardians, regardless of their financial means, to create a joyful and meaningful Christmas experience for their families.

Group of adults smiling at camera
Two women smiling at camera

“Gift cards are a very popular choice for families shopping for teenagers, and as such, our gift card supply was wiped out before the end of the first day at the store. I hopped on social media and asked the community to donate money to purchase more. By the end of Monday we received $390; by the next morning, we had $630! Our Good Tidings committee decided to allot some of this money for gas gift cards and spend the rest on Target gift cards. The Target checkout was slow-moving that morning and I got to chatting with the gentleman behind me in line. He shared he was also shopping for Christmas gifts for his teenage children. When it was my turn, the cashier began ringing up 24 $20 gift cards. She asked what they were for and I took the opportunity to share about Good Tidings and the rest of Festa’s work."


“The total came to $480. When I swiped my card, the transaction didn’t go through — either the store or the bank blocked the purchase due to it being a ‘suspiciously’ high number of gift cards. By that point, the line behind me was growing and I paused for a few seconds trying to think of what to do. As I’m standing there considering my options, the man I had been chatting with takes out his wallet and says, ‘Ma’am let me pay for that.’ I was in shock! I reiterated the large total but he stepped past me toward the cashier. I’m still saying, ‘Sir, really, I’ll just step aside and call my bank to tell them it’s a legitimate purchase…’ He said, ‘It’s for a good cause, right? Then it’s done,’ and he paid for my entire purchase. I was just in awe of his immediate action and extreme generosity to a complete stranger.”

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A family smiling at the camera

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