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Legal Aid Society of Columbus

Legal Resources

The Legal Aid Society of Columbus has the goal of providing free guidance and assistance to low-income or elderly individuals to help them navigate the complex legal system in the United States. Along with providing civil legal aid, they can also help advocate to combat injustice and unfairness to help individuals or families exit poverty. The services the attorneys provide are limited to providing advice, information, and making referrals. They have an intake line where you can call and they would help guide you through the process of receiving assistance. Their services are currently only being offered virtually (on the phone). You can receive more information about the different services that are offered by visiting the website or by calling their general phone number.

Areas they can assist you with:

  1. Consumer Law

  2. Family Law

  3. Housing

  4. Public Benefits

  5. Reentry

  6. Seniors

  7. Taxes

  8. Veterans

  9. Education

  10. Naturalization

Requirements to be eligible for services: you must have a total, gross household income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines ($4184 monthly for a household of 4). You must also have assets below $25,284 (not including the home you own and live in or the car you drive for primary transportation). Individuals who attend LASC-sponsored clinics must also be citizens, lawful permanent residents (bring a copy of your green card or be able to provide information about your green card over the phone for virtual assistance), asylees or refugees (bring a copy of green card of I-94 or be able to provide information about your green card or I-94 over the phone for virtual assistance ), or meet another exception. For additional information on our immigration status requirements, call LASC at 614-224-8374.


Intake Phone Number: 614-241-2001 or 1-888-246-4420

General Phone Number: 614-224-8374

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