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God is continuing to work in the wake of the coronavirus, and we are finding that our in-classroom ESL classes have turned virtual using Zoom classroom to keep teaching and to stay connected.

It has become a real teaching moment, not just for our instructors, but also for the participants. There appears to be a comfort sharing from a virtual platform. To our surprise, but from God’s delight, one Spanish speaking student spontaneously offered a prayer of thanksgiving. Later, a few students from Iraq prayed a prayer of repentance.

How grateful are we to witness the ESL students embracing the motto of, “You are loved. You are loved by God,” while the students learn more grammar. What a powerful testimony! We continue our work and create an atmosphere of safety for the students for such a time as this.

It gets even better! A previous student had to return to Algeria. You guessed it! She was able to join the Zoom classroom even though Algeria is five hours ahead. This student’s commitment is a blessing to her and us because she stays awake for ninety-minutes after joining us her time at midnight.

The world may be experiencing a crisis, but our God is good all the time!

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